By Popular Demand . . . Hot Dogs Aboard Ship / Oddo Print Shop Until 2:30

As our mission has unfolded over the past year and a half, many have inquired as to why the crew has not focused some attention on developing a weiner deployment system or WDS as it is referred to at GASA. So, as we have grown weary of seeing the disappointed faces of hotdoggers turned away from the rocket, the team, in a Manhattan Project style effort, is ready to deploy our WDS. Also, Mom gave her okay. Many of you know that she operates the hot dog cart which sits beside the rocket in the Oddo Print Shop parking lot. As she is done for the season, we have her full encouragement . . . at least until Spring when we jettison the WDS.

Continually striving to conjur taste experiences of uncompromising depth, our WDS operates as follows:

A Connecticut made Martin Rosol frankfurter is the main component. It is split and grilled on the flat top in a shallow pool of Vermont butter. The bun is toasted alongside, caressed with butter.

We’re offering just a few toppings, focusing attention on their quality.

For sauerkraut, we turned to the Germans for assistance. Rocket kraut is slow-cooked with country style pork ribs resulting in deep flavor and chunks of meat falling off the bone.

A smoldering chili sauce has also been developed. Our basis for research relied upon the regional interpretations of the meat based sauces ladled upon dogs in the eastern portion of the United States. We imagine the result to be not unlike the famed cayennic fluid drawn from certain plants growing upon the slopes of  Mount Vesuvius. A dog bathed in this and topped with chopped onions is guaranteed to detonate every time.

Hot pepper relish? Yes. Mom’s recipe is prepared with exacting care. It’s a perfect balance of an assortment of hot peppers, vinegar, and endorphin stimulators.

Regular relish is also available . . . we make our own sweet pickle variety.

That is the nuts and bolts of the rocket WDS.

Try one and let us know what you think.

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