Bacon Lab Result . . . Pigs In Space Burger / Oddo Print Shop Until 2:00 Today




No vehicle should ever leave earth orbit without an adequate supply of properly smoked bacon in the larder. There is no better way to while away the hours of space travel than with a crew earnestly engaged in bacon experimentation. Truly one of the best team building exercises, stunning dishes often result . . . like a Pigs In Space Burger.

A Pigs In Space Burger is a hand formed patty of naturally raised angus beef (free of hormones and antibiotics) that is seared on the hot iron of the flat top grill and then slathered with a rocket-made bacon and onion confiture. Add cheddar cheese and imagine you’re swimming in a pool of bacon, onion and cheese while slabs of bacon lay beside the lapping waves baking in a hot sun and perfuming the air with pork fat and hardwood smoke.

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