System Failure Threatens Mission . . . But Greenbaum Gets It Done / Oddo Print Shop Until 3:00 Today

These last few days have been anxious ones aboard the rocket. After a routine catering gig in the woods of New Preston on Friday evening, the rocket lifted off Saturday morning bound for the Torrington Farmers Market. Shortly into the flight our main exhaust fan in the ventilation hood over the cooking equipment failed. The cabin quickly filled with smoke from burgers searing on the flat top and the temperature rose well above a hundred degrees. The crew gallantly continued service despite the harsh conditions but future missions were in jeopardy. This coming Labor Day Weekend the rocket will be at The Taste of The Litchfield Hills at Ski Sundown Saturday through Monday and this snafu sent the crew reeling with anxiety as efforts to identify and repair the problem were not successful.

Reluctantly, a distress call went out Monday night and it was answered by this man, Jon Greenbaum. He is as electrically skilled as he is amiable and dapper. Working into the early morning hours of Tuesday, he was able to remedy the situation and return the rocket’s status to go for launch.
The crew wishes to thank Jon for his extraordinary efforts and promotes him to the rank of Chief Electrical Officer. This designation, of course, includes all the privileges of that rank. Honor this distinction by voting for the rocket today.

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