Independence Day ! / Celebrate Your Freedom With The Rocket / Bantam Lake 11:30 Until Early Evening

Make it a tradition . . . the Fourth of July by the lake.  From our hillside launch pad, the view of the lake is astounding. Sit at a picnic table or just lounge in one of the Adirondack Chairs dotting the hill while sipping a cold Avery’s soda. Savor your Slider as the rippling water calms your spirit.

Now don’t feel guilty, because at 209 On 209 you are also able to purchase ridiculously fresh, live lobsters and clams from Tony’s Seafood. You can also pickup fresh eggs and veggies from South Farms. You are multi-tasking. Having lunch at the rocket, soothing your soul, picking up the ingredients for a yummy homemade supper, and supporting the local economy. Four birds with one stone !

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