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This past weekend the rocket landed at Cinerom in Torrington for the premiere of their new Digital and RealD 3D capabilities. They are now a completely digital theatre and the picture quality and sound systems are top notch. We were so swept up in the excitement that we forgot that we were orbiting very near an Empire outpost (photo evidence below). Deployment of our inflatable countermeasures was necessary in case of attack. The pairing of RealD 3D and Real Food was more than some could bear. Giddy patrons required treatment with Avery’s new Ginger Beer which is just spicy enough to take the edge off of euphoria.

On Saturday evening we landed at Artwell’s opening of their Mixed Media exhibition.
Despite foul atmospheric conditions and the rather steep landing sites on Water Street, a base of operations was achieved. Frites and Sliders were employed in efforts toward combating rainy dispositions.

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