Covid-19 Response

During this pandemic we are continuing service with an eye toward limiting public contact as much as possible. Implementation of an online ordering and payment system coupled with a no-contact pickup method is necessary. We have also made changes to our menu and procedures which reduce the number of purveyors and inflows of products while lessening the frequency of supply deliveries. Every measure is also taken toward efficiency in the use of gasoline and propane. Less frequent refueling further reduces our exposure to the general public.

Rest assured that the Rocket is at all times hygienically shipshape. The interior is clad in stainless steel and every surface has always been cleaned, polished, and sanitized after every service since our founding in 2010. Furthermore, only Patricia and myself are allowed to enter the rocket. We have been earnestly practicing social distancing since early March.

We do not offer delivery. Relying on third party delivery services breaks the chain of custody and compromises the integrity of our measures to keep you and us as safe as possible. Our pickup location on South Water Street near the Providence River Pedestrian Bridge offers plenty of easily accessible parking and wide open space in which to maintain social-distancing.

With all of that in mind,  you can confidently place an online order, after which you will receive these instructions. “In order to maintain social-distancing and keep everyone safe, our service window will be closed at all times. Remain at least 10’ away from each other and the truck. Please do not text or call until you have received a confirmation email that your order is indeed ready. Once you have received that, text your name to let us know that you are present (860-689-5585). We will then set your order on a table near the front door of the truck in a bag with your name on it and send you a text that you may now fetch it. While all surfaces are being frequently sanitized, please help us by avoiding contact with the table and the truck.  Strict adherence to this process is requested.”

We cannot possibly thank you enough for supporting us during this difficult period!